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The Carmarthen Underground was inspired by an entry in The Pan-Celtic Phrasebook (by William Knox). I hope that my readers will enjoy the story as much I enjoyed writing it.

To spare anyone any misunderstanding, the books are supposed to be humorous to some degree and they take place in an alternative reality Wales which has been at war with England in living memory. Some of the characters in the stories actually took part in the last battle while others had parents or grandparents who took part.

The Book

The story of the Carmarthen Underground is set in the market town of Carmarthen, in South Wales. The town is said to be the oldest in Wales and has a riotous history. It was once the western-most Roman garrison in Britannia.

Our tale follows the adventures of the agents of Carmarthen Intelligence which is closely linked to the Welsh Bureau of Investigation, based in Swansea,  and WARF (Welsh Assault and Rescue Force). The story takes place some 43 years after the Battle for Wales, a fierce (fictional) conflict with the Anglo-Saxons which eventually resulted in the formation of a Welsh Senate (Cymanfa) and was, it was hoped, the final battle in a struggle already lasting one and a half millennia.

Further stories

The Carmarthen Dragon

The sequel to The Carmarthen Underground, A Meeting of Dragons, is available as an e-book on and can be downloaded to any PC/Mac/Smartphone/e-reader. It is also available in print on and can be ordered from most online stores or your bookshop. Do support your local bookshop, if you have one.

The third novel in the series, Darkness at Dark Gate, was published in December 2012.

The final story, The Red Kite's Song, is available from the usual online stores or from Smashwords.


Myddfai is a delightful village near Llangadog. Although I have used the village in my book, as I have also used Llwynywormwood,  I should declare that the characters who populate the fictional version of Myddfai are products of my imagination although I am certain that the people of the real Myddfai are just as charming and helpful as their fictional counterparts. Sadly, the lovely old pub (not called Y Ceffyl Du) has closed.  To the best of my knowledge, there is no camera obscura in the church tower and no pagan ceremonies are held at Llwynywormwood. Who knows, though, I could be wrong! See the website